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What are Anabolic Steroids:
Steroids are synthetic hormones that were first created to help people with medical conditions such as HIV/AIDS, anemia etc… The first steroid ever made was Testosterone, by a scientist named Ruzicka. Ruzicka was able to synthesize Testosterone from cholesterol. Steroids were first used in competitive sports by the Soviets in 1954, that year the soviets dominated and broke many world records. It wasn’t long before other countries followed suit and started using Steroids in competitive sports. These days we hear about it all the time, athletes testing positive for steroid use, whether it be running, weight lifting or even golf, steroids are in all sports and this will probably never change.

How to use Steroids:
When steroids are taken it is referred to as a “steroid cycle”, usually a cycle is made up of 2 or more steroids, an oral steroid and an injectable. The reason for this is oral steroids have a much shorter half life and therefore the user sees results much fast, injectable steroids generally have a longer half life and it can take 3 to 4 weeks to feel the effects. So with a cycle consisting of an oral and an injectable you will start seeing results within the first week, once you continue the oral steroid after 4 weeks you will then start seeing the results from the injectable steroid. When a cycle is finished you then need to do a PCT which stands for “Post cycle therapy”, a PCT is used to help bring your body’s natural Testosterone levels back to normal, as during a cycle your body stops making its own Testosterone. Commonly a PCT consists of either Clomid or Nolvadex, both work well and generally it comes down to personal preference. When a steroid cycle is complete you cant just jump into a new cycle, although many people do this, it is irresponsible and stupid. A general rule of thumb is time on= time off, if you use steroids for 8 weeks then stay off for 8 weeks, however this is just a guideline, the best thing to do would be to get blood tests done to make sure all your levels are back to normal.


Steroid side effects:
The reason steroids are illegal is because they are bad for your body and can cause irreversible damage. There are many different side effects related to steroid use, some side effects are very minor whilst others can be quite serious. Side effects can also depend on what steroids are being used, some steroids are a lot more milder than others and can have little to no side effects, while other steroids can bring on a lot of side effects. Another thing to note is that everyone is different, some people are sensitive to side effects while others are not, however just because you don’t see any side effects during a cycle does not mean that you are not causing damage to your body.
Some side effects can include:
• High cholesterol
• High blood pressure
• Liver damage
• Kidney damage
• Male pattern baldness
• Water retention
• Aggression (Roid rage)
• Testicular shrinkage

Different Types of Steroids:
In today’s day of age there are many different steroids available, these steroids can be split up into 2 categories namely Injectable and Oral steroids.
• Deca-Durabolin
• Masteron
• Equipoise
• Parabolan
• Sustanon
• Testosterone Cypionate
• Testosterone Enanthate
• Testosterone Propionate
• Trenbolone Enanthate
• Primobolan Depot
• Winstrol Depot
• Anadrol
• Andriol
• Primobolan
• Turanibol
• Methyltrenbolone
• Halotestin
Each steroid has their own unique properties that they bring to a cycle. Some steroids don’t convert to estrogen and so they are popular in cutting cycles, other steroids are known for the strength and mass that they bring and so they are popular in bulking cycles. If you were to do a bulking cycle a popular choice would be testosterone and dianabol, for a cutting cycle steroids such as anavar, winstrol, trenbolone are the top choices.


Buying Steroids:
These days it has become very easy to buy steroids, with steroid use skyrocketing over the past 10 years a market has opened for illegal steroid sales. The most popular places to buy steroids are in the gym or online. Many people choose the online root as they want to stay anonymous and don’t want their friends or family finding out what they are getting up to. With the steroid market being as big as it is today it has also gained the interest of scammers, almost all internet sites claiming to sell steroids are a scam and will take your money and not send anything in return.